Grupa Comenius

Financing - the fund ESF


Three post-gymnasium schools - from Turkey (coordinator), Italy and Poland took part in Comenius project " Lifelong Learning Programme " edition 2013-2015 titled: Making Mathematics Interactive with Mathematics Software SAGE.

The conclusion of project resulted in the change of student's perception of math - we showed that it can be perceived as interactive, interesting, available on tablets - thanks to tutorials and projects carried out in SAGE app. It is a free application used for advanced mathematical calculations and also visualization of solutions. Teachers coming from partner countries worked together to figure out new methods of teaching. They created all schedules of partner's visits as well.

Each school chose different leading topic for a lecture (Poland - chaos theory, Turkey - statistics and Italy - algebra). Workshop activities have been prepared for students, presentations, along with movies and tutorial instructions. The topic of a project concerned using SAGE software and Pyton programming language for carrying out complex calculations, plotting graphs with the use of parts that allowed for interactive elements that could be interacted via tablet or computers. In each country, seven day visits have been planned.

Students were living in partner's families, allowing them to get to know better and befriend each other. They communicated in English. They took part in scientific, cultural and integration program. The meetings delivered many positive experiences, allowed them to learn different cultures, have fun together and study together, collect new experiences and gain new friends. They learned educational systems of partner countries, school lesson schedule types, they've watched multimedia presentations about visited country prepared by host students. Presentations covered geopolitics, history, folklore, religion, cuisine, music and more.

Each school conducted a music gig, mini - language lesson, sightseeing, museum trips and integration activities.

During the first visitation (December of 2013) in Warsaw, the participants toured the city and while visiting Warsaw University of Technology they took part in robot combat which was conducted by the students of Staszic high school. Dumpling and charlotte cooking workshops, city field game, ride in hired exclusively for this purpose tram, and Polonez dance lessons were conducted as well.

Next visit took place (April 2014) in Turkey, in the city of Gebze. Biggest impact on participants made visiting Istambul. Shows of folklore dance team, ship cruise, factory visit and earthquake research institute visit took place.

Last partnership visit took place in June 2014 in Benevento high school in Italy. It was also a great fun for the participants. Benevento, Neapol and Pompei visit. Archeological and cuisine workshops, collective singing and dancing, volleyball and cuisine school visit all took place. All mobile activities have been carried out positively. There were many emotions and experiences, students helped each other, working in multinational teams. They also helped each other in their everyday activities and communication, discovering each other's differences and similarities.

Each visit, the participants spent their time together discussing and during supper. After each meeting there were goodbyes full of emotions, proving many connections have been made. Many photos and videos were made, later published on school websites and social media. Many great memories were made and students do continue to contact each other long after project concluded. One of the polish students that plays in a music band invited his Turkish partner to his gig, they jammed together and planned mutual holiday trip. Experiences shared by teachers contributed to perfecting their skills, and enriching previous teaching methods in new ways introduced by foreign teachers with the use of newest technology.

Project conclusions were presented during partnership visits and also they were placed in displays around schools and websites. They were also handed to parents and new school candidates. A lecture about the project was voiced on the scientific conference on Silesian University. "" website contains materials used in the project, as well as student's works, presentations, photos and videos. In each school computer hardware was bought and SAGE server was installed that can be used in the future courses of math lessons.

Project realization contributed to the strengthening of European school education department and new tools for math and IT teaching were also gained. Also, the project enriched student community, provided new cultural knowledge, the understanding of diversity of different cultures, and the awareness of values that came from those. The participation of international programme increased both the awareness of our own national pride as well as the respect for different cultures and the ability to cooperate in ethnically diverse team.